• FM-A Mechanical 4-Digit Diesel Flow Meter

FM-A Mechanical 4-Digit Diesel Flow Meter

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M-FM-A flowmeter is to measure the exact quantity of the dispensed fuel. They are designed for noncommercial use only. These flow meters are reliable, easy to install and simple to calibrate on the workplace. Aluminum metering chamber, 1′ thread connection, mechanical readout device with rotating wheels. 4-digital subtotals can be set to zero, while 8 digitals total readouts can not.


a. can connect with pumps for metering transfer

b. option for the unit on Liter and Gallon

c. no electricity need, usable on farm, mine and other place without electricity

d. 4 digits subtotals, 8 digits totals


Model Number  FM-A
  Inlet Size   BSP/NPT 1′
  Flowrate   0-120 lpm
  Application Media    Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene
  Material   Aluminum
  Accuracy   ±1%
  Max. Working Pressure   3 Mpa
  Unit Count   4 digits
  Total Count   8 digits
  Package   6 pcs/carton
  N.W./G.W.   11.5 kgs/13.5 kgs
  Dimension   65x34x40 cm

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