• Industrial Displacement Positive TCS Flowmeter

Industrial Displacement Positive TCS Flowmeter

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TCS Series Volumetric Flowmeter is one pipeline way flowmeter, suitable for big flowrate in industries. Material like aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel of construction is optional. Measuring unit of Liter/gallon could be chosen by clients.


a.  Excellent stepless fine-tuning device allows plus-minus calibration of flowmeter

b.  High accuracy and repeatability within the large range of flow;superior accuracy of constant flow

c.  Low maintenance, low wear, long working life

d.  Low pressure loss, genuine gravity flowmeter

e.  Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations,temperature variation, viscosity

f.   Aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel materials of construction for choice


Model No.  BRT-TCS
  Model TCS-40 TCS-50 TCS-50H TCS-80 TCS-80H TCS-100 TCS-100H TCS-150 TCS-150H
  Inlet Size   1.5′   2′   2′   3′   3′   4′   4′   6′ or 4′ for option
  Flowrate 25-250 38-380 55-550 75-750 115-1150 130-1300 170-1700 225-2250 300-3000
  Material                                   Aluminum/Cast Iron/Stainless Steel
 Vol/Revolutior 0.30 L 0.681 L0.681 L 1.839 L1.839 L 5.102 L5.102 L 9.507 L9.507 L
  Medium                                           Diesel, Oil with high viscosity
 Max.Pressure                                 10 Bar/150 Psi   25 Bar/350 Psi
  Accuracy                                                        ±0.2%
  Repeatability                                                         ≤0.5%
  Viscosity                                          30SSU-1,500,000SSU
  Unit Count                                                         5 digits
  Total Count                                                         8 digits
  Package                                                   1 pc/wooden box

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