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JYC-70 Diesel Dispenser

Flow rate:5-60L/min

Suction distance:3m(Vertical) 15m(horizontal)

Voltage:12V/24V/220V (50/60Hz)


Nozzle:Auto shut-off

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Diesel Dispenser,big flow rate with moveable spool

One of the best solutions for control on consumption of fuel and pilferaging, Diesel Dispenser is integrated with a placement displacement flow sensor for high accuracy in measurements. All diesel dispensers are capable of operating in a wide range of temperature with no damage. The entire construction of the diesel dispenser is done ruggedly so that it can sustain easily harsh environmental conditions. These dispensers are suitable for use in the company who own their cars, forklifts, buses and cranes in their premises. There are installed large capacity reusable filters in these dispensers for filtering fuel before dispensing.

Features: High capacity pump High accuracy MRT Flow Sensor for measurement. Auto shut off nozzle for tank topping up. Resetable Batch and Cumulative Totaliser. Rugged construction to suit harsh environments .

 Ambient temperature -25℃~ +55℃  Inlet pressure ≥54kpa
 Humidity ≤95%  Outlet pressure ≤0.3MPa
 Flow rate 5-60L/min  Voltage 12V/24V/220V (50/60Hz)
 Nozzle Auto shut-off  Power 1HP(550w)
 Suction distance 3m(Vertical)


 Noise ≤80dB(A class)
 Accuracy ±0.30%  Unit price range 0.01~9999.99
 Repeating tolerance ≤0.15%  Single volume range 0.01~999999.99
 Hose 2m(in), 6m(out)  Accumulative volume range 0.01~9999999999.99
 Product Size: About430X


 License of manufacturing

Diesel Dispenser,big flow rate with moveable spool

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