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Preset Volume Oval Gear Flow Meter

Unit Price Range:0-99.99

Volume Range:0-99999,99L

Amount Range:0-999999.99

Totalizer: Volume:9 digits,

Amount:11 digits

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• Introduction:

1. The OGM series preset quantify diesel flow meter is designed for working together with pumps, with voltage DC12V, DC24V, and AC220V.

2. One wire connecting the pump, to control pump start and stop working, the other wire to get power supply according to pump voltage

3. The LCD display shows unit price, amount and liters

To operate the keyboard, you can set the unit price, and preset the desired volume or amount, once the wanted volume or amount dispensed, the pump will stop working automatically.

• Features:

♦ Preset volume price oval gear flow meter

♦ Suitable with Petrol, Diesel, IP or Biodiesel compatible   chemicals

♦ Low pressure drop

♦ Max. pressure 1” = 34 bar, 1½ & 2” = 18 bar

♦ Accuracy of 0.5%

♦ Unit Price Range: 0-99.99

♦ Volume Range: 0-99999,99L

♦ Amount Range: 0-999999.99

♦ Totalizer: Volume: 9 digits, Amount: 11 digits

♦ Size range of 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″

♦ Material options of Aluminum, and Stainless steel

Pump set also available.

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