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Vapor recovery automatic nozzle

Inlet Thread  M34X1.5  /  UNEF 1-1/4"  

Diameter of Spout  13/16"  

Flow Rate  0-45L/Min  

Working Pressure  0.18Mpa  

Main Stem  Stainless Steel

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Vapor recovery automatic nozzle is suitable for centralized oil and gas recovery system and decentralized vapor recovery system, can be used with a refueling machine supporting the brand and model of multiple. Its light weight, easy to operate, unique appearance, novel.


Technical Specifications 

   Model No.


  Inlet Thread

 M34X1.5  /  UNEF 1-1/4″

  Diameter of Spout


  Flow Rate


  Working Pressure









   Main Stem

 Stainless Steel


Safe and Stable Performance

1. The position of inspiratory lay in the higher place near the barrel connecter, which can avoid the case of gun jumping effectively.  The fuel nozzle can work more stable and reliable.

2. The fuel nozzle can use in the case of oil hydraulic, which can prevent the accident of injection.

3. The main valve reverses the oil flow, and enhance the safety factor in the using process.

4. Design of low air resistance and fluid resistance.

5. The fuel nozzle has a sealed hood, which can improve the recovery of oil and gas effectively.

6. The fuel nozzle has a shear groove design, which will fracture sheer groove when encountered refueling accident, so as to protect the tanker effectively.

7. The flow rates similar to the conventional grease fuel nozzle, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of clogging in the refueling peak.

8.The dominant pole structure uses an external that can be adjusted sealing structure. It will be more convenient.

9. It is low-flow and self-styled. The minimum flow can be reached 11L/Min.

10. With the design of separator valve split, it increased the stability of the fuel nozzle. And it is more convenient for installation and maintenance.

11. The gun’s oil line pneumatic separating casting will reduce the casting defects.

12.Optional accessories hydrocarbon shut-off valve using oil open, gas-liquid recycle ratio (A/L) is 0.95:1~1.05:1, which can effectively control the oil and gas emissions, to ensure that no air pollution, to meet international safety and environmental protection requirements.


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